• Pouring equipment

    Since the company developed a 1.5-ton semi-automatic casting machine in 2002, it has more than ten years of design and manufacturing experience, and has gradually developed semi-automatic casting machine, fully automatic. In 2013, we designed and developed a fully automatic tilting pouring machine with 800kg ~ 3000kg.
    The advantages of Suzhu PU series tilting automatic pouring machine:
    a) When the template is replaced, the production is not interrupted, and the pouring machine can realize automatic recognition;
    b) Pouring records can be stored to ensure traceability of casting quality;
    c) Save hot metal, reduce hot metal overflow, and reduce the liquid level in the gate cup;
    d) The convenient and convenient automatic pouring parameter setting reduces the dependence on skilled operators;
    e) Modern automatic pouring control method to reduce scrap rate;
    f) Can be matched with most of the molding production lines, and the installation time is short, can be put into production as soon as possible;